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Treat someone to a stay at Hotel Colomba d'Oro, with a unique gift card

You can give a special travel experience as an unforgettable luxury gift

Looking for a unique present for someone special? We have the perfect gift idea to suit all: a stay at Hotel Colomba d’Oro, customized according to your wishes and to the wishes of the lucky one who will receive your gift. In the order form below, please just select the amount you’d like to purchase: we will get back to you with the detailed offer and payment instructions.

Once we have received the amount, we will issue the printable gift voucher and email it to you, or to the recipient of your gift, or both, according on your choice.

Such gift card can be customized by you (with a message in the gift voucher), and can be used with total freedom by the recipient (who can spend it for a romantic getaway, to come and attend to a show at the Arena, to celebrate a birthday in Verona, or any other special occasion…).

The voucher is valid for one year: it can be spent anytime until the expiration date, by booking on our website (or by contacting us by email or by phone), choosing any date, for a stay of one or more nights, in any season, with the possibility to add a welcome gift in the room.

If you wish to, we will also send – to your postal address or to that of the recipient, as you prefer – an elegant pop-up ticket specially created for Hotel Colomba d’Oro by Veronese artists at Museo Conte – Antica Tipografia Artistica Arche Scaligere, established in 1750 and recognized as a “Historical Shop of High Preference and Value”.

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     (we suggest an amount not less than 100.00 Euro)

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