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Treat your favourite people to a stay at Hotel Colomba d'Oro, with a world unique gift card

You can give a special travel experience as an unforgettable luxury gift

Do you need a unique present for someone special ? We have that perfect gift idea to suit all: a stay at Hotel Colomba d’Oro customized according to your preferences and those of who will receive your gift. One or more nights, in any season, with the possibility of adding a welcome gift in the room.

Check availability by filling the fields below: we will write back to you proposing one or more solutions based on your request.

Once we’ll have received your confirmation, we will send – both to your email address and to the address of the recipient, or just to one of these as you prefer – a printable virtual voucher; and we will also send – to your postal address or to that of the recipient, as you prefer – an elegant pop-up ticket specially created for Hotel Colomba d’Oro by Veronese artists at Museo Conte – Antica Tipografia Artistica Arche Scaligere, established in 1750 and recognized as a “Historical Shop of High Preference and Value”.

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