Health & safety: how we take care of you

Health & safety: how we take care of you

Summer is coming: more and more and every we feel like going out and ajoying the sun, travelling to discover new cities, sunsets and perfumes other than those that we had from our home’s window.

It is right to think about holidays, where you will be allowed to go and under what rules. And it is also right to ask what are the conditions of cleaning, sanitization and hygiene that the accommodation facilities will ensure.

How do we take care, at Hotel Colomba d’Oro, of your well-being and health?

We know that behind the clouds the sun is always shining, and we have learned to seize opportunities even in the dark moments: in the past weeks, as you know, our hotel has been closed but we kept on working for you.

We strongly believe that right now safety is the best investment: that’s why we have chosen to adopt not only the guidelines and the good practices that are mandatory for every hotel, but also to voluntarily adopt some further treatments.

Before the reopening, we had all the hotel rooms thoroughly treated with alcohol-based disinfectants, with steam, and with ozone, a professional method that also allows to eliminate viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. We have updated our protocols for daily cleaning after reopening, as well: both in public spaces and in guest rooms, all surfaces are now treated with alcohol-based disinfectants, and the cleaning is done with increased frequency.

Our air conditioning system is not centralized, no air recirculation between different rooms; for greater safety, however, we have adopted an extraordinary sanitization of the air conditioning filters with a special product based on hydrogen peroxide.

And that is not all.
Now before every single check-in, so right before your arrival, your room will be completely treated with a professional system that uses the oxidizing power of ozone to purify, disinfect, sanitize and deodorize the room in the safest way. The treatment is performed after the “traditional” cleaning of the room, and is practiced by expert and trained personnel, using special patented devices (watch video)

After this treatment the environment is completely sterilized, the area and surfaces are clean, and it is like being the very first guest in the room.
All this comes in addition to the fact that, in this period, To help alleviate the risk of COVID-19 transmission through person-to-person contact, guests will be reminded to maintain social distancing protocols. You’ll see hand sanitizing stations around the hotels – near the entrance and front desks, near the elevator banks and breakfast room entrance.
Finally, you will also find the buffet of our renowned morning breakfast, but all dishes and drinks will now be served to you, according to your wishes, by an employee of our staff, to prevent guest handling (while room service is always guaranteed).

The history of Hotel Colomba d’Oro has been a guarantee of quality, safety and customer care for more than a century. Trust who, since always, cares about your health and your well-being.