Welcome to Verona”s Arena: the most beautiful theater in the world.

Welcome to Verona”s Arena: the most beautiful theater in the world.

Verona is Unesco heritage, it’s Shakespeare, it’s Romeo and Juliet; it’s art, enchantment and it is also music, concerts, shows. In a few weeks our Arena will become the stage for musical events and concerts that the public has been waiting for a long time!
Every year national and international artists turn their energy and their performances here into unforgettable moments for our city and their audience: the concerts are transformed into a continuous dialogue between singers and the audience, in a truly suggestive setting.
Laura Pausini, Adele, Zucchero, Elisa, Duran Duran, Calcutta, Paul McCartney are just some of the big names that have been on this stage in the past; but what’s coming on in 2019?

The band “Thegiornalisti” will break the silence in the Roman amphitheater on May 1st with the already sold-out date of their “Love” tour: the band, led by Tommaso Paradiso, was formed exactly ten years ago in a club in Rome and, to date, has released five albums.
Maestro Ennio Morricone has amazed everyone announcing his two dates in Verona dates: 18 and 19 May are the two evenings when the world famous composer and conductor will delight the audience. His “60 Years of Music” World Tour – which until now has been very successful – embodies the end of his career before enjoying a beautiful and well-deserved retirement at the dawn of his 90s.
On May 25 and 26, Marco Mengoni, whose latest single “Hola” leads the digital and radio charts, will entertain the Arena with a show that has gone sold out a few days after the opening of ticket sales.
After 4 years of absence, Francesco Renga returns to Verona: following his participation in the San Remo Festival, the singer-songwriter from Brescia will givr, on May 27th, a live preview of the tour that next year will cross the whole nation.
The icon of contemporary rock Elton John will perform in the Arena on May 29 and 30 with his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour, which already boasts 76 sold-out dates and represents his farewell journey of 3 years .
Concerts will restart in July: King Crimson band – which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary with a long tour – will temporarily stop the Opera Festival on July 8th and former leder of Dire Straits Mark Knopfler , one of the most prominent guitarists in the rock scene, will take the stage on July 22nd.
Eros Ramazzotti has chosen Verona to celebrate, on September 11th, 12th and 14th, his “Vita ce n’è” world tour, in which he showed off his new tracks alongside his historical songs that enchanted the fans and audiences of Worldwide.
On September 20, our Amphitheater is booked by the singer-songwriter Francesco De Gregori who, together with a 40-piece orchestra, will re-read the “greatest hits” of his full-bodied songbook in a symphonic version.
Filippo Neviani, aka Nek, returns to Verona on September 22 after two years since the sold-out concert that counted twelve thousand people.
On September 24, 2019, the three boys from Il Volo end their musical season with a concert that promises to be a must to celebrate their 10-year career.

Our hotel is just a few steps away from Piazza Bra… we are waiting for you!

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Верона - это не только Арена, Джульетта и Ромео, Каменный мост и Старый замок, но и многое другое. Верона – настоящая сокровищница севера Италии, наследие ЮНЕСКО, украшение, обрамленное берегами Адиже; вино, подаваемое в ресторанах,известных и за пределами Италии; мраморные плиты, лежащие в фундаменте вилл и дворцов; зрелищаи шоу на берегу реки.
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Подарите не забываемый отдых в отеле «Золотая Голубка» с единственной в мире картой-gift

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Верона – это город любви, город  Джульетты и Ромео, история любви, известная всему миру.
В нескольких шагах от Арены, находится идеальное место, где Вы можете провести незабываемое время с теми, кого Вы любите.